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Trump 2016?

Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed in myself.

I’ve always been a fan of the heel, the bad guy, the criminal…all the stuff that you are supposed to be against; yet when I get the chance to be FOR the bad guy in real life- I’m not.

My biggest “fan boy” moment was when Hulk Hogan came out and was revealed as the leader of the nWo…you will NEVER know how much joy that brought me…how much I screamed and cheered and simply lost it.

The best part of local wrestling shows is cheering for the asshole and booing the good guy and usually pissing off all the other fans while doing it.

I’m a huge fan of Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Kylo Ren and actually loved watching Kylo kill his father and throw him off of the bridge…(oh yea, spoiler alert.)

My favorite comic book characters are Deadpool and The Joker.

When I watch horror movies, I want them to end with the good guys dying; I literally hate happy endings…well, at least for movies.

On the way to work this morning, I listened to Donald Trumps part of the annual Alfred E. Smith (not Neuman) dinner and it was hilarious….I realize he didn’t write his own jokes but they were great! I think he should be a roaster for Comedy Central. I honestly laughed out loud.

It got me thinking back to his debates and speeches and I realized that he is the character that I always wanted Sharky Hitchens to be- the asshole that everyone hates (but secretly loves)…like Eminem. The guy that makes fun of people, says shit no one else will, says “screw political correctness” and is just a sarcastic piece of shit.

I spend some time thinking….why did I cheer when the Death Star blew up an entire planet, killing everyone on it, yet I’m disgusted at someone who has a really good chance of doing that exact same thing?


In reality, I’m a good guy….I don’t want to see people get killed or beat up and I don’t enjoy seeing violence on the news. I enjoy violence in the movies- because I understand that the actors had a blast making it and they get to take their millions and go home at night.

I enjoy creeping up behind someone in Call of Duty and stabbing them in the neck because I know that he will go home to his computer wife and kids once I turn my Xbox off.

There is a line of reality that allows me to be a decent person yet enjoy ripping the souls out of little girls in Bioshock.

Donald Trump has crossed over that line; he is Emperor Palpatine come to life and I suddenly find myself as a member of the rebellion.

It disappoints me that I have been forced to turn face. Maybe I should change my name to Sharky Cena.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Happy Holidays! 

​Ladies and Gentiles- it’s that time of year again. Holiday Trees are going up, Santa is watching and fake snowmen are glistening with glitter. 

It’s the Annual Merry Christmas VS Happy Holidays WAR!!!!!!

It’s that time of year when ignorant people, with very limited knowledge of history or their religion, start assuming your beliefs based on their own. They start issues with stores that don’t push their personal opinions; they become Scrooges when you tell them “Happy Holidays” because….how DARE you include anyone else’s holiday!

It’s the time of year when a group of people, who don’t understand what the end of December actually represents…a time when die hard Christians feel persecuted for not being allowed to stab Santa through the heart with a crucifix. 

I could go into the history of the Winter Solstice…but, it seems a bit pointless, since folks with a even small amount of education already knows what that is. 

I could go into how the Bible states that Jesus was born around August/September or maybe as late as October but everyone agrees (even Biblical scholars) that there’s no way in hell he was born in December. 

I could unload historical facts and evidence to show that once Christians realized they could only kill so many non-believers, Wiccans, Pagans, etc. that they decided to go another route- just celebrate their holidays overtop other religions holidays- sort of like a hostile takeover. I mean, do some research about Christmas or Easter, for Easter Bunny sake! This allowed them to be smug and chant “ha ha, you’re celebrating our holiday anyway!”

I’m not going to do all that….I’ve done it for years and a lot of you are too hard headed to get it or just been lost in belief for so long that you know if you admit it now, it will feel like your entire life was wasted- and I understand- I wasted the first 15 years of my life lost in ignorance. 

What I AM going to do though is break this entire Merry Christmas VS Happy Holidays down into the simplest way possible. 

When you say Merry Christmas to someone, you are saying- “I celebrate Christmas and I assume you too do because I’m right and you are wrong and if you celebrate anything else, you are going to hell because I don’t understand my own religion. I don’t acknowledge your belief in anyway and I’m just a self-centered asshole” Now, some of these folks are just saying it to be jolly but lack of understanding doesn’t mean you are being anything but an asshole. Then you have the folks that know you are an atheist or celebrate a different holiday and they say it simply to be smug; usually it’s said with a little grin….because, you know, that’s what Jesus would do. The amazing thing about those people is, they truly don’t understand the history that they are even celebrating and it makes them look like idiots. So, answer the Merry Christmas with a heartfelt Happy Holidays- you don’t have to be an asshole as well, just enjoy the fact that they are so comfortable in their lack of knowledge. (*this is the same reason I don’t debate/discuss religion with most Christians anymore….they honestly don’t know what they are claiming to believe, which makes it impossible to have an actual discussion.) 

When you say Happy Holidays to someone, you are saying- “I don’t know what you believe but that doesn’t matter, I still hope you have a happy time of year and a good day. I realize that there are tons of holidays that someone could celebrate this time of year and instead of just assuming you must believe the same as me, I’m wishing you a happy holiday regardless of which one you celebrate. All holidays are equal and my belief is no more important than yours.”

Let’s make it even simpler for some of you- 

Merry Christmas includes ONE holiday. (you, you, you)

Happy Holidays includes ALL holidays. (Even Christmas!) (everyone, everyone, everyone.

That’s it really….those two sentences is all you need to know.

So—-with Halloween, Yom Kippur, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Kwanzza, Christmas, Winter Solstice, Festivus, Boxing Day, Second Christmas, New Years Eve….and all that I have missed just around the corner- Happy Holidays to all of you….and I truly mean that; not in the smug asshole-ish way that I usually say everything.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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​My wife and I are bad parents….more parents should admit that.

Last night was another wake up call; our 9 year old son has to wear adult 1xl shirts now. He’s over 5 ft tall and weighs way more than a kid his age should- there is no reason to post his weight because we know it but it’s way, way over where it should be; and that is 100% our fault.

I remember growing up as a fat kid- I got bullied daily, I couldn’t do the stuff other kids did like pull ups and running that stupid mile. My mom couldn’t find clothes that fit me so I dressed like an idiot and it was just a shitty time for me all around and I remember thinking “this is my mom’s fault.” And honestly, it was.

My dad left when I was just a baby and I was an only child so it was always just me and my mom and she spoiled me and gave me everything I wanted…even if that wasn’t good for me. I don’t remember eating veggies but I remember homemade fried chicken, fried pork chops, tons of mac and cheese and just tons of food in general. Our special days were going to Giovanni’s and eating the pizza buffet and since we were poor, we always looked for the “value”- why pay $6 for a salad when you can pay $5 and eat all the pizza and garlic bread you can stuff in your chubby little body; that stuck with me.

You see it all the time- you can pay this much for one thing but just add a little more and we’ll give you TWO…what a great deal and, I mean, since you bought both…you have to eat both.

Our son is already obese and it’s 100% our fault- we didn’t teach him the right way to eat (mostly because we are just learning ourselves), we have let him set on his laptop or watch TV and get almost no exercise and we have stuff McDonald’s down his throat for 9 years because it made him happy, he got a toy and it was quick and easy.

I had focused the last 3-4 months or trying to get him to eat better and just maintain his weight, hoping he would hit a spurt and “grow into it” and that mostly worked but we slacked and he’s gained 5 lbs in a couple of weeks and after measuring him and seeing that he’s already over 5 ft, there isn’t much room to grow into anything at this point.

So, what’s the plan….

I’m going to start tracking (and try to teach him) what he eats through the day and how to understand calories, carbs, fats and proteins and why certain things are good and why they are bad. When we hit the grocery store- no more Little Debbies, cans o’ chili or cookies. We are going to start only having fruits and veggies and healthy snacks- he can eat the healthy stuff or not- either way, it should help keep his calories down.

As for exercise, we each have a kettlebell so I’m going to start getting him to do some stuff with me, then we are going to throw the “heavy ball” and make a game out of it and then we are going to use the punching bag- one of us on each side and just punch stuff. We may even throw on some hip hop cardio stuff and just dance around. Then, we are going to either walk at the park each night or, if it’s raining, just go to Wal-Mart and walk up and down…whatever it takes.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Yesterday was the 4 month mark of really trying to focus on weight loss and getting healthy and the best way to describe where I’m at is- aggravated, annoyed, stressed, doubtful….pick any of those.

Since April 8th- I’ve dropped 41 lbs. which is an average of 10.25 lbs. per month; if I did that for a year, then I would drop around 123 lbs. which is great…but then again, I should have lost 15-20lbs just the first week from water weight, etc.

I keep getting to 399 and then screwing up the weekend…going back up a few pounds, working it back down to 399 by Thur/Fri and then repeating it all over again. I’ve been around 399 for over two weeks now and it’s not due to a plateau, it’s due to just flat out screwing up.

I hit spots where I truly just don’t give a shit and then I hit spots, like this morning, where I evaluate where I was and where I am and where I could be and get motivated again.

The only good thing is that I haven’t let the weekend screw ups overflow into the week and I’ve been able to get back on track and at least maintain…I’m basically exercising to just maintain my weight at this point and that has to stop.

Tomorrow, my son starts 5th grade and while we have greatly slowed his weight gain down over the last 4 months, he is still one of the bigger kids in school and I realize that I need to do better for myself and for him.

Not only to I realize I need to do better but I understand that I could BE doing better…I’m honestly not even putting 50% into the effort and I don’t have a damn clue why. I need to step up and force myself to do what needs to be done and stop slacking. If I can drop 41 lbs. slacking then there is no telling what I could do if I put in 110%.

I have to find a way around weekends and start moving forward- this a few steps forward and a few steps back isn’t getting me anywhere. 

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Let’s Taco Bout It

It’s been a rough week and I knew it would be- I hit 399 on Friday and I knew the “me” still in there was going to try to screw it up- I still don’t understand why but it just happens.

HOWEVER….I’ve fought back.

I gave in to fast food with McDonalds AND Taco Bell this week, however, I’m still right around where I was due to exercising my ass off on both days. Just based on calories, I basically exercised off the same amount I ate so there wasn’t much gain weight- I know the other stuff such as carbs, fats, sodium was really bad but, as far as the weight, I’m still around the same and I still have two days left to not make the week a total loss.

This is the one thing I’m learning, that I never did before…even if you eat something bad, just keep exercising and try to recover the next day and keep going for it because that one little, minor setback really won’t do much damage but if you let it turn into more then it will destroy all the hard work.

I need to refocus, look where I was and where I am and I need to get re-inspired and re-motivated. My wife had a healthy meal planned but we had to donate trading cards (for our charity) which just killed it and I couldn’t eat Subway again so I just gave in to Taco Bell….it was 100% my fault due to lack of planning and I gotta work on that.

Walking and bike today and keeping the food in check; this is a lifestyle change and a lifelong battle.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness