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I’m No Nicolas Cage…But

I was given this role…I didn’t play it.

We are all given a role when we are born- sure, your parents hopefully tell you that you can be anything you want and a very small handful actually change it but for the most part, we all fall right into place.

Some people move out of that small town and hit the big time…some try only to return and some just settle in with the thought that something like that is impossible.

When I was born, my parents lived in the projects…the ghetto…tiny apartments within the Housing Authority- whatever you want to call it- I called it Crescent Drive. I’m not delusional, it wasn’t anything like you see in the movies or the ghettos of huge places like New York- I didn’t live in fear of drive bys are getting robbed…BUT…I was placed into my role.

Being poor isn’t a color issue, at least it wasn’t for me…although I was the minority. There were a few of us white kids but mostly black kids and we played together and it wasn’t an issue. Being a different color wasn’t the issue…being poor was.

My dad left when I was a very early age so it was always just my mom and I – no siblings…no real family-just us. There were aunts, uncles and cousins but I rarely saw them and when I did they always called me “little Jerry number 2” because I’m named after my dad. It was understood by society that I was a poor kid from a single parent home getting free lunch and I had a clear path…probably to a life of crime, fast food or factories.

I was destined to have a kid and then leave…like my dad. I was destined to never make anything out of my life and simply play the role I was given but I didn’t let that happen.

I was always the fat kid and while I did have a few bullies throughout my school days, it wasn’t as bad as some of the other fat kids…I was one of the “cool” fat kids and that got me through life. I had a couple of girlfriends here and there, got a job at Burger King and then went to college.

I moved out at 18 and had my own place- I was still super fat but had no issues getting girls but I noticed that I had started to swing more towards “my path” with multiple fast food and factory jobs but I was in my 20s and enjoying being a bachelor so it wasn’t a huge issue.

There were moments I tried straying from my path…when I moved to London, KY and become a Certified Medical Coder…I was getting some articles published here and there but then life happens and I got knocked back down.

Then my wife came along and pushed me to entirely new path…she is the MAIN reason I didn’t end up exactly how I was supposed to- she pushed me because I wanted to do the best I could for her…I struggled through a few temp jobs, then a grant position and then fought my way into a full time position and started working my way up and along the way, I helped push her to do some things that got her into a better position.

Along the way we had a baby and, honestly, I was scared to death that I would swing back to my destined path but I didn’t…I’m not saying I stayed with my wife because we had a baby- I’m saying that I refused to fall into the role I was given…I stopped the cycle. My dad didn’t have a father around and I didn’t have a father around but my son has had a father for the first 11 years of his life and he will have one around until I die.

I’ve been at the same job over 12 years now and even got an outstanding employee award earlier this year…no fast food or factories. I’m not saying those are bad jobs but if you have common sense, you get what I’m saying…and trust me, there is NO doubt in me that I could still end up working at McDonald’s one day…nothing is promised in this world.

On top of all of that, I’ve spent the last 6 years of my life running a charity and giving back to kids.

My son has never lived in the projects and has no clue what that type of life is like…he’s never had to go through the lunch line and get free lunch or stand in line to wait or free cans of pork or blocks of cheese. He’s never stood in a grocery line and been embarrassed that his mom had to pay with food stamps. He’s never had to run into multiple stores to buy a cheap piece of candy with a food stamp in order to get real money back as change.

Again- I’m not saying any of that is bad…I’m just being honest with the way I felt as a kid. We aren’t rich now, we are just above the line that I talked about in the paragraph above- we are just above the levels that get you all of the government help…but we are making it and that is a step forward…a step away from the role I was given.

This all comes back to weight loss- both of my parents were overweight and I was an only child on food stamps- I was spoiled and grew up on unhealthy food because it was way cheaper and that is a fact.

That is the one role that I have been type casted with and I can’t seem to break out of it. I remember telling myself in middle school that I would not spend my life being overweight and it’s been an up and down roller coaster ever since- weight highs up to 440 lbs and lows down to 295 lbs. and everything in between and I just can’t get it under control.

I’m proud of myself for everything I’ve done with my life and I don’t feel like it’s been a waste but then I remember just how obese I am and it seems to outweigh everything else. (get it…outweigh…because I outweigh most people…humor people!)

The wife and I are trying to start fresh today, November 1st on Sharketo and finally get this under control and I want to be positive and motivated but there have been so many setbacks along the way and it seems to get harder and harder each time we try.

I want to go into “beast mode”….I want to get strict and do it…even if it kills me…I’m 4 months away from 40 years old and almost to the no turning back point.

I have to do something amazing…breathtaking and prove to the world that I’m more than this role I was given.

I’m ready for my close up.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Those Aren’t Brownies

My wife and I are trying our hardest to stick to Keto but there is one main issue…which is why I created Sharketo.

The issue is a lot of the people- they are simply full of shit…I think they truly mean well but stop lying to yourself. You will see folks posting tons of crap about “substitutes” because they are trying to find replacements for the foods they love…seriously- check out a ton of Keto recipes and you will see words like “tastes just like…” or “perfect match…”….WRONG.

I’m all about honesty and you will NEVER see us telling you some crap- if we post a recipe, it’s because we have actually made it and eaten it and I’m not trying to sell it or get rich- I’m not going to try to convince you that it is what it isn’t.

Mashed cauliflower does NOT taste like mashed potatoes….regardless of how much butter you put. Zucchini fries don’t taste like french fries and pork rinds aren’t potato chips.

There are foods on Sharketo that you just won’t be able to have and you have to come to terms with that…if you try to eat cauliflower with the thought of it tasting like potatoes…you are going to end up hating cauliflower. You are going to be disappointed and miss potatoes even more and it’s going to be that damned cauliflowers fault!

My wife has been trying to make bulletproof coffee or just any low carb coffee that doesn’t taste like ass and we are currently at 0 out of 1 million! Nothing is going to taste like an Iced Mocha Latte from McDonalds…period.

The main thing I wanted to do with writing about our journey is to not try to bullshit anyone…it is what it is so stop pretending or trying to hype up food that just doesn’t taste good.

I have ALL seen them on the Facebook pages…hyping up some claim that know isn’t true…desserts kill me! These brownies are BETTER than real brownies.

No bitch…they ain’t.

If you have to lie to yourself, then do you but I’m not going to lie to you.

With that said…these are some things that come pretty close, like Hammerhead Pizza Dough (in our recipe section) and the cheese shell tacos are amazing.

Trying recipes that have been claimed to “taste just like” and then doesn’t has really set me back because I get disappointed and that is my mental issue and I understand that and we are working on it.

Don’t believe the hype…use common sense and know that there are just going to be some things you can’t eat and you can’t find anything close to them and that is just the cruelness of life.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

Side Note…we are still screwing up but trying to restart fresh every day….one day it will stick and then LOOK OUT!

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I’m Jake Paul


Or, wait, does that only work on YouTube….maybe it doesn’t work on “blogs”…you know the thing us old, ugly people do for “content”.

Either way, I feel like the intro to a Jake Paul Vlog…it’s lit bro!!

Honestly- I feel pretty good. We’ve been back on Sharketo for 3 days and I’m down 7 lbs. and quickly headed back to where I was back in July! I know most of it is water weight from being bloated from eating so much bad food but it’s amazing how quickly you feel better…and how quickly your body changes.

My pants literally fell off while walking up the stairs last night- so that is a pretty good feeling since they had started to get a little snug just a few days ago.

We had to run to Wal-Mart last night to get some kitten food for a little black kitten that showed up at our house…it was really cold and windy and he just ran up to my wife and snuggled…then it wouldn’t stop following her around so we took it in and are making it our “basement cat”- it will be able to live in our basement and my office and stay warm and have a great home- we named him Darth Litten. Litten is a fire kitten from Pokemon that is black and red and this kitten is solid black but has a red tint in pictures. And Darth is from Star Wars because he’s all black…so clearly he’s on the Darkside.

I had that same crappy feeling that has been killing my weight- I can buy any food I want and we have been going to candy, cakes, chips, cookies, pies…etc and it’s that feeling that has been keeping me from being successful but we did pretty well. I went straight to the sugar free candy and moved one…it’s the best option- I’m trying to focus on what I can have instead of what I can’t and that is the hardest part for me.

I love the food we can eat and we’ve done really well for the last 3 days….if I can get past constantly thinking- “I can’t have this or that” then I may be successful this time.

I really feel highly motivated and ready to tackle anything that comes my way…my own brain, stress, etc.

The rest of life is about the same- amazing wife, smart kid, new house…new kitten…playing Pokemon and being awesome.

Also….screw Jake Paul…… #Logang4Life

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Backwards Is Good

I have stopped the forward momentum…and the scale is now going backwards again.

Saturday wasn’t too bad….Sunday was terrible….I fought through Monday and didn’t screw up and now I feel really motivated- probably the bulletproof coffee that my wife made me but I’m jacked and feel good.

It took a while to figure out something that didn’t taste like swamp ass and I think she has finally got it. (coffee, heavy whipping cream, butter, MCT oil, vanilla sugar free syrup…no reason to give you the measurements, you need to fix it to YOUR taste…that’s what Sharketo is all about!)

The 3-4 month screw up didn’t do too much damage and I should be back under 400 rather quickly and then it’s just all downhill from there.

I walked an hour yesterday and plan on doing that the rest of this week- I would like to get back in the gym but I don’t want to over do it since I’ve been having back issues. Maybe a little stationary bike and some light weights here and there- the main focus needs to be food. I need to figure out the foods I can live with eating will still hitting my MACROS.

I know there are going to be set backs but I have to control them and not let them get out of hand…I’m almost 40 years old…an old man…and I’m not gonna get many more chances to make a change. I can actually feel my body breaking down and I need to reverse that as much as possible.

The wife made some amazing buffalo wings over the weekend….very low carb….which we are going to work into our food plan….if I can just focus on the foods I can have and stop focusing on what I can’t have- this will work out. You can have some amazing food on Sharketo and I know that….

….it’s truly a mental game that I’ve been losing up until now. The food isn’t the issue and neither is the exercise…it’s all in my damn head and my emotions- mood swings, depression, stress.

The problem with life is that you get more wisdom the older you get- so by the time you have life figure out…you are at the end of it.

I’m realizing that I don’t have many years left and they can be spent in pain with health issues or fighting to get as healthy as I can (at this point) and maybe make them a little more enjoyable.

Writing about this as much as possible will help keep me focused….day by day- no long term bullshit. No “how much weight can I lose in a year”…I need to focus on what I weigh today and what I can do to make that number drop tomorrow.

It’s time to start counting my life down by the day…not by the year.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Open The Door

14 years ago today my entire life changed…I’ve told the story a million times- now, it’s time for a new story.

I need to make one of those life changing events happen or there isn’t going to be much of a life left….I need to open the door and fall in love with Sharketo…health….weight loss….whatever you want to call it.

I did that with my wife- one event made me an entirely different person- it change my entire path and kept me from facing the darkest timeline. I can only imagine where I would be now if she hadn’t been the one standing there when the door opened. It was an automatic change in my thinking- my wants, desires and what I wanted for my future.

I went from being a bachelor, dating girls and not wanting anything serious to dropping everything in my life and completely devoting everything I had to this one person. A month later I moved to a totally new city and just put everything I had into it and I need to do that again.

I need to just DO IT….put 110% into it, go with it and give it everything I have…I truly wish it was as easy as it sounds. Falling in love with my wife was the easiest thing I have ever done because it just happened…instantly….my entire life literally changed in the blink of an eye.

Cravings, the love of food….old habits…they don’t just change like that…but how amazing would it be if they did?

This change is going to take way more effort and focus and I don’t have huge amazing boobs to help…well, I mean, those are still in my life but they aren’t going to help this situation.

I need to fall in love with the process and make it as easy as loving my wife is…I need to wake up thinking about it and go to bed and dream about it. I need it to be the thing that keeps me going through the day and gives me something to look forward to- a big bun-less cheeseburger or bacon….just like my wife’s amazing booty does.

I know, it’s a weird way to look at it but my wife is the only thing that has every truly changed the course of my life- I know that every little decision we make changes our path but nothing has ever been as life changing as opening that door and I truly need that….

”help me Sharketo…you are my only hope.”

14 years ago….my life changed and I need to be able to say that again 14 years from now.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

(Note to self- come back and read this often…daily if you have to…keep it fresh in your mind that THIS is that moment.)