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Sharkys Protein Meat Mountain 

Since I’ve been trying to lose weight, I’ve been eating a lot of low calorie food like veggies…so getting my calories is actually HARD and this is a great dinner that I created that has a decent amount of calories, tons of protein. I only have it on Wednesdays when the wife works late and I get tons of extra exercise and do weight lifting, etc. I’m not a dietitian but it’s yummy as hell seems pretty healthy when I put it into MyFItnessPal, I call it “Sharky’s Protein Meat Mountain” (name trademarked and shit.)

2 Butterball Natural Inspirations All Natural Turkey Patties
1 Onion
4 Pieces of Hormel Fully Cooked Bacon
1 Piece Kroger Fat Free Swiss Cheese
.50 Tbsp Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce

Carbs – 16%
Fat – 39%
Protein 45%

535 Calories
55g Protein
20g Carbs
21g Fat
1435 mg Sodium

Sugar is 17g- using a healther BBQ sauce should lower that.

Love,  Peace and Sharkyness

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Losing My Pants 

Couple of pretty big things today…

1.      I noticed yesterday that, during my walks, I had to continually pull my pants up. I have been walking on breaks/lunch for several weeks now and that has never been an issue.

2.      This morning, I was back to where I was about 2 weeks ago! I hurt my ankle and couldn’t exercise and then I went on vacation and just ate “all the foods” and thought for sure that I had gained it all back…but, in reality, I just went up a couple pounds and I’m already back where I was. This is why, no matter how bad you screw up, just get over it and keep going because it’s really not as big of a setback as you tell yourself. 

Yesterday, I tried some food prep with cooking a bunch of chicken in the crock pot. I made some of it into buffalo shredded chicken that I’m going to use for some lunch wraps and then we have some chicken left for salads or to throw some BBQ on or something.

I also fixed up some boiled eggs and it was way easier than I thought- and now I have a quick snack full of protein and low on carbs! 

I think I may try some additional food prep for next week….I have 10 lbs. to go before I’m below 400 lbs. for the first time in YEARS!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness 

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Zucchini Boats


3 zucchinis
1 can Hunts Simply 100% Natural Pasta Sauce
1 lb Extra Lean Turkey Breast 99% Fat Free
1 qrt c Shredded Skim Milk Mozzarella Cheese

Cut zucchini in half, scoop out seeds. Bake 15 minutes at 400 degrees- flip during cooking. This softens the zucchini and helps get some water out.

Fry turkey and add sauce and let simmer.

Fill up the boats,  sprinkle the cheese and broil to brown cheese.

Makes 3 servings

303 calories
3.6 g fat
519.3 mg sodium
24.3 g carbs
44.4 g protein
14. 9g sugar
7.0 g fiber

* Based on MyFitnessPal

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It’s The Freakin’ Weekend


I’m having a major issue and I can’t figure out how to fix it!

I kill it when I’m at work- I have my food for the day planned out, I get my walking in three times throughout the day, I drink tons of water and it seems like it doesn’t take much food to fill me up. I can eat a P3 and some veggies for lunch and I’m good to go!

I don’t do terrible at night but I have had a few screw ups…the problem comes when the weekend hits and I’m at home.

Even the thought of just eating a P3 and some veggies for lunch just doesn’t seem possible. I drink very little water, I don’t exercise and I just feel like it’s a “ruin it all” situation where I just suddenly lose all motivation. I’ll add a candy bar or something…and then another thing and another and then, “eh, I’ve already screwed up today- no reason to exercise and let’s go ahead and have all this other bad shit as well!”

There is no motivation on weekends….but then I get back to work on Monday morning and I have my food, my multivitamin, all my water and walk my ass off and all of the motivation comes rushing back and hits me.

This not only pisses my off but it’s killing all of my efforts and now this weekend is a 3 day weekend!

I can’t figure out how to keep the motivation that I have right now and force myself to follow the same program on Saturday and Sunday, as I do the rest of the week.

This struggle is driving me nuts!!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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The Struggle Is Real!


The struggle is real…..

I worked my ass off for a little over 2 months- I changed the way I ate, exercised, studied and dropped 31 lbs. and then went on vacation for one weekend and I’m sure I’ve gained a huge amount of that weight back….2 months gone in 2 days- it’s bullshit and that’s why it’s so frustrating, annoying and easy to just give up!

But I’m not giving up- I haven’t stepped on the scale because I don’t want to get discouraged. I’m going to get back to busting my ass and do my best for the next 17 days and get back on the scale on July 8th and see where I land and take it from there.

It hasn’t been too hard to get back on track today with tons of water, walking and better food. I plan on hitting the bike, boxing when I get home and then getting back to my 5K practice tonight at the park.

Probably going to give myself this week to hit tons of cardio and then start back with weights on Monday- it’s always good to take a week or so off from weight lifting; same reason you change up your workout plan every now and then, so your muscle don’t remember the movements.

I’m frustrated right now but I’m going to stick with consistency and pick right up where I left of before vacation and try to keep moving forward- I doubt we’ll take another vacation for at least a year….probably longer…

Love, Peace and Sharkyness