I Wanna Be Tracer

….um….no…I’ll be Junkrat!!!

I’m a huge fan of Overwatch and have been for a little over a year. Yes, I got in late and I play on Xbox One so I guess I’m not a true fan because I’m not “pc bro” but it’s the game I enjoying playing the most and here’s why.

As a father who has a full time job, runs a charity, has a middle school kid in HIGH SCHOOL band and trying to lose weight and write- I have very little time to spend gaming. I like games I can jump in, play for 10-30 minutes and jump back out again and Overwatch is perfect for that.

On top of that I love the characters, maps and I’m pretty decent at it- not great but not as bad as I am at Call of Duty…and I still play that!

Plus I’m basically married to Mei!

I’m a Junkrat “main” but also love playing Orisa as w...

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Returning To The Sky

…for the first time.

I remember going to multiple stores back in July 2018 to find “No Man’s Sky” when it hit Xbox One and I got the last copy at the 4th stores (2nd Target) that we went to in Louisville, KY- that game was impossible to find!

I got home and started playing it and I played it for a bit but never even got my ship fixed. I loved finding random plants and the missions and the animals of the starting planet but I quickly got frustrated with some of the stuff and turned it off….it’s been over a year later and I’ve yet to return to it.

HOWEVER…that is going to change this weekend- the new No Man’s Sky BEYOND update is coming out on August 14th and it’s supposed to basically change the entire game so what perfect time to return to it?

The fact that they are gi...

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So. Much. Violence.

I’ll never forget my first video game…or the violence it created in me.

The time was 1988 and the place was Nicholasville, KY!

I was a poor kid so I only dreamed of having a Nintendo Entertainment System- from its release in 1985 all the way until Christmas of 1988, but that Christmas morning…my wish came true.

I unboxed this amazing system that game with a gun…A GUN!!! Right in the box! Along with Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt.

I slide that cartridge in, ever so gentle and pushed that power button and I was lost in a world of amazement…and violence- pure, unadulterated violence!

I was jumping on turtles and using their shells to hurt little brownish-red penis tip shaped animals and I loved every minute of it!

But just doing it in the video game was NOT enough to feed my ...

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So. Much. Money.

I have very limited time to focus on video games but I’m really trying to change that- I want to write about this stuff more- maybe do some reviews, write about some upcoming games that have be excited and post stuff about past games that everyone has loved that I’ve yet to play.

Hell, I just started playing Borderlands 2 last night and it came out in 2012- 7 years ago!!!

Having such limited time- I can’t just sit around and play a game for 80 hours and I feel like there are lot of gamers out there just like me!

I’m an older dad with a full time job, run a full time charity and with work, family stuff and exercising to try to get healthy- there just isn’t enough hours in the day…but I’m going to force myself to find someone hours because video games are amazing!

I tend to sti...

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I’m not your typical gamer and I almost didn’t even give Anthem a try and I’m sooo glad I changed my mind.

I had read reviews and listened to YouTube stuff about how terrible it was- I watched Boogie2988 play it a bit on Twitch and just say that it was beyond terrible- yet he continued to play it and talk about how it was fun but then would turn around and talk about how terrible it was. I had heard so much that I gave up before I even downloaded it.

But then…I remembered that I have EA Access so I get 10 hours to try it out myself- I decided to buy it after about 4 hours of playing it- I love it!

Like I said, I’m not your typical gamer- I have a full time job and very limited time to play video games but I quickly realized that I would want most of that time to go into this game and I cou...

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Kingdom Hearts 3

I played Kingdom Hearts 2 on Playstation 2….for about 10 minutes and then decided it was NOT my type of game and never played it again. I never played any other Kingdom Hearts games and actually know very little about it but with the hype behind KH3, I had to check it out and give it a shot.

I wasn’t about to drop $60 (or $80) on a game when I couldn’t even get into the previous version so I rented it for $3 out of RedBox and let me tell you…I’ll be dropping the $60 this weekend.

You have to remember that this is coming from an Overweight, Older, Awkward Gentleman (buy the shirt!!!) who considers himself a #TrueOG (Older Gamer) and I’m not going to use all the words that the kids may use or even get into details about frames per second or the engine the game was built on- I’m jus...

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Quick Update

It’s been almost 2 months since I posted on Sharkfin Gaming but that will change in 2019- I plan to make at least 2 posts per week.

Honestly, this year has really gotten me back into gaming- something I did not stop when I was much- MUCH younger! Not only did I decided to focus 2018 on doing things that made me happy but the gaming industry decided to step up and hit me with a shit ton of games that I love!

So many games…so little time!

I’m not your typical gamer- I’m an old man that sucks at games- but that is the main point of Sharkfin Gaming- the love of gaming! It doesn’t matter how bad you suck at something, if you love doing it and it brings you joy- do it! Ignore all the trolls on the internet and the fact that your “in game shot” is comparable to a storm trooper.

My l...

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Black Friday

Tomorrow is Black Friday!!!!

Well, Black OPS Friday! Black Ops 4 comes out and I will be playing it most of tomorrow evening and Saturday. I am notoriously terrible at Call of Duty games so it’s going to be a fun time. I plan on posting pics, reviews, thoughts and opinions as well as going live on Twitch throughout the weekend so feel free to come and laugh at me. You don’t have to be good at games to love them and Call of Duty is probably my favorite series of all time!

It’s going to be LIT…as the children say.

Probably not- probably just an older fat guy dying over and over in a game he loves.

That’s entertainment.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Broken Tradition

Back in 2009, my mom started a tradition and I’m not 100% sure why it was started but she was trying to find me something for Christmas and I just told her to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for me because I had never played a Call of Duty game before…I hadn’t just gotten an Xbox 360 and it was hyped up and there wasn’t much else I wanted.

I know what you are thinking- “MW2 came out in November of 2009” and that is correct- as an only child of a single mother, I was pretty spoiled and that didn’t really change as I grew up…I was 31 at the time.

I always got my Christmas present in November because I’m not patient and she would eventually give in- it started when I was a kid and last all the way up until last year...

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Why Gaming?

There are several answers to that question.

I’ve focused 2018 on being overall happier and that has included things like losing 127 lbs, learning how to weight lift, writing more and getting more into gaming. I’ve had a gaming system pretty much since the original NES and I’ve always loved playing video games but I’ve also always been really bad at it but that didn’t matter as much as it seems to matter these days and I’m not a fan of it.

I would also consider myself to be an old timer but I don’t want to stop learning new technology like new websites coming up, streaming, making videos, etc. Like it or not, there is room in gaming for us older folks and there is room in gaming for us folks that really suck at it but enjoy it.

Gaming should be for everyone and I think we have...

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